Action Teams

Maryvale on the Move

Action Teams

Over the past several months, our community partners tapped into the thoughts and observations of some 200 community residents to give Maryvale on the Move a clear direction. As of August 2010 four major goals have been identified that form the platform of our work for the next 18 months (through March 2012). They are to:

  1. Create and support community gardens
  2. Increase the availability and distribution of affordable, healthy food
  3. Improve parks and other recreation opportunities
  4. Expand the number of safe streets – streets that are comfortable for all travelers, with bike lanes and trails for walking and biking

Action teams made up of neighborhood residents and interested supporters are forming now. Each action team will make group decisions regarding how to define and accomplish its goals, with the support of Maryvale on the Move leadership and program staff.

Express your interest today. Please contact one of the following people for an update on each team and feedback on how you can join:

Please include your name, organization (if any), address, and best phone number to reach you. Meetings are held in Maryvale and/or Canyon Corridor.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Gail LaGrander at 602-385-6509 or