Maryvale on the Move

Work plan

The time, talents, insights and inspiration of Maryvale and Canyon Corridor residents has led to this: a working, evolving agenda that puts Maryvale on the Move.

Our goals:

  • To continually grow and refine our identity, purpose and mission. It’s achieved by regular attention to leadership, inclusion and communication. For example, key community members will lead or play large roles on each action team.
  • To influence and improve the Phoenix General Plan and other policies/regulations that affect Maryvale’s efforts to eat healthy foods and live active lives. In this case, key project coordinators and residents will directly work with city planners, and key MTM partners will educate residents on great ideas for healthy community design from around the country.
  • Create and support community gardens. By June 2011, the goal is to establish three community gardens that bring neighborhoods together and fresh fruits and vegetables more within reach.
  • Promote affordable, healthy food distribution options. We’ll achieve this longer-term goal by establishing a strong action team, partnering with a Local Food Working Group and tapping into Community Food Connections (the group behind Phoenix’s Downtown Public Market, among other things).